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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

In many ways, GDPR in 2017 is what Y2K was in 1999 – not just in terms of urgency and scope, but also in the way everybody is claiming to be a GDPR expert overnight, and then trying to sell technical solutions to what are strategic business issues. Cysquad Solutions have designed an appropriately business focused approach.

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Business Transformation

Cysquad Solutions uses best practice techniques which focus on business risk and process to transform the way organisations work to gives clients clear, tangible and quantifiable outcomes.

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Digital Transformation

“Digital Transformation” has emerged as the catchphrase used to describe fundamental changes to organizations and institutions caused and enabled by modern digital information technology. The trouble is whilst the intent to transform is often clear, achievement is far more difficult. Cysquad Solutions actually deliver the planned target transformation.

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Manage Cyber Risks

Cysquad Solutions identify and quantify cyber risks to mitigate or prevent a cyber-attack that could cause significant harm to business, operations, or financial performance.

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