Digital transformation is the acceleration of business activities processes and competencies to fully leverage the changes and opportunities from the introduction of digital technologies, to impact the business in a strategic and prioritized way.

Some of the key drivers for digital transformation are;

1.    To match changing customer behaviours and preferences;

2.    To meet growth opportunities of new markets;

3.    To respond to increased competitive pressure;

4.    To match new compliance requirements;

A market survey published by Commvault shows respondents felt the benefits of implementing digital transformation were as follows;

a.    Increased market share

b.    Positive impact on employee morale;

c.    Increased customer engagement;

d.    Greater volume in web and mobile traffic

e.    This will result in increased revenue;

Businesses need to provide a clear strategy for the introduction of digital transformation, to be successful in its implementation. Let Cysquad Solutions provide the necessary services for the successful digital transformation of your companies’ services.