Digital Transformation

Cysquad Solutions use digital technology to transform business outcomes

Cysquad Solutions implement digital applications which drive the improvement of service delivery and customer experience based on effective solution design.

Our methods help drive commercial excellence and create the capability to implement strategic changes to business processes using digital tools and applications.

We structure our journey of transformation to start with the data – applying detailed analysis to create the basis for evidentially led change. The purpose is a cross-functional implementation, which can profoundly alter the basic business model of the organisation. We aim to stretch the impact of what we deliver as far as possible, on occasion we have aimed for the transformation to go as far as to challenge the operational premise of organisation/department e.g. Call Centers no longer just connect calls to the back-office or sales but also manage first contact and provide 1st line services. Thereby helping organisations take their first chance for a good impression.

The transformation is applied to how a business operates, and achieved by thinking about where improvements can be made by introducing or upgrading digital tools and applications or even integrating existing applications to follow and support customer journeys more effectively.

We can help, create and deliver the transformation journey which matches your business strategy, with minimum disruption to your business.